An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language. - Martin Buber

I began painting watercolors in my early teens, in a small upstairs studio in France guided by a wonderful teacher; And I kept on painting. As a teen I began offering classes, enjoying the joy it brought people as they let the paint fill their page. I have been lucky to continue to paint and share the joy.

My specialty is animal portraits. I have always had a love and connection with animals so painting them is a natural path. For nearly 10 years I have created Pet Portraits. Many portraits are a memorial or a gift to themselves or others.

Mostly the portraits bring joy.


In these pieces, I see the ever changing world, the beauty but also the challenges such as oceans warming, and landscapes changing.

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Book Illustrations

Punks Plight, The Triumphant Tails of Rescue Dogs

This Triumphant Tails book features a neglected and then happily adopted bulldog. This book is written to help neglected children. Available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble)
Winner of the 2021 Family Choice Award.

Washington Gems

This hiking book features hiking trails and the flowers and plants found in the Pacific NW.

Gypsy's Journey

A second Triumphant Tails book, featuring an abused dog. This book is written to help abused children. (Coming soon)

Every Brain Needs Music

A book illustrating the benefits of music